Interested in yoga?

Are you looking for relaxing yoga?
Do you want a more flexible body?
Are you searching for your inner self?
You wish for a more silent mind?

PCP United and yoga:
Pauline works in Capelle a/d IJssel and Rotterdam.
Yoga, mindfulness and meditation are the elements in the lessons.
The form of yoga: integrale yoga, its origin is hatha yoga.

Yoga, mindfulness and meditation
means caring for yourself.

About me

For years I practiced yoga, mindfulness and meditation, I really felt I also wanted to teach the technics, to distribute these to more people. I’m doing this since March 2023.

In the meantime I finished part I of my education: Teacher Integral Yoga (100 hours) with a certificate. I learned details of yoga asanas, perfectioning breathing technics, the basics of the Yoga Philisophy Integral Yoga (from Sri Aurobindo and The Mother) and of course I had new experiences with meditation. I am continuing immediately part II, so nice! In the summer of 2024 I must have graduated for my 200-hours exams, Teacher Integral Yoga. I also follow interesting yoga workshops, for example Nervus Vagus and Yoga; and Knees and Yoga.

Since my early days I am fascinated about moves of the body and mind. As a child I loved the gracious arms in my classical ballet classes. I admired the power of the rest of the body too. Later on I experienced the more relaxed movements in modern dance. This relates to another kind of beauty and a complete other feeling.

In my twenties doctor and healer Ton van Gelder inspired me. He explained in a weekly paper and his books how to feel the flow of energy in your body by using Energetic Meditation. What an experience! Above that he taught about the meditative focus can lead to a more silent mind. Besides this, the Resonance Healing came into my life. It was new for me that people without special forces are capable of transforming positive energy to other people. Just by doing and training, it is possible to develop this capacity without explaining it with the mind.

The last 10 years Anne van Leeuwen (Yoga Geeft Energie) helped me to develop my body and soul. She trained me in her special way to give lessons in Yoga and Mindfulness. Her background of Integral yoga / hatha yoga and many experiences like yin yoga, restorative yoga is a big source of inspiration for me.

Teacher Integral Yoga part I – Integrale Yoga Rotterdam
2024 – continuing part II (200 hours) and several workshops